I was born to run

Berkeley students nicknamed me the Picasso of coding for my computer invention. I hate the moniker like Bruce Springsteen hates “the Boss.” Though Niles is right. I was born to run.

A U.S. government dream

Department of Energy Funded the Human Genome Project

DOEWherever we go, we carry the greatest discovery in scientific history: the genome. The U.S. Government decoded our DNA, believing that it could extend our lives. But this effort was never finished, so its secrets remained locked.

Until now!

Lousy healthcare

DNA Sequencing Machines at Jude’s Lab

I never wanted to be treated like a math genius or super quant. What bothers me most, though, is the sorry state of healthcare. The World Health Organization ranks the U.S. 37th in the world.

The Job Doesn’t Define You

FBI Badge White

I had never planned to join the FBI. But I’m damn glad I did. My work insures some hacker doesn’t crash the genomic revolution I started at Stanford.

My twin sister, Kate, reminds me why I’m changing medicine. Improving on methods of treatment that killed our mother is my stab at rewriting history. Kate adds the more you do something, the more deeply your brain becomes wired for that activity. She’d argue that I literally turned into a cancer fighting agent.

The Grid that Inspired GRIDLOCK

Volunteers Power Greatest World Computer

Most Costly Scientific Experiment

Our Future Predetermined

Scientists Say All Disease Has a Hereditary Basis

Genomics Comes to the Consumer

U.S. Government Breaks Genome

model einer doppelhelix
The U.S. Government spent 13 years decoding the human genome. Hundreds of thousands of researchers have been interpretting the new data.

Ultimate Computer Power

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