Revolutionary Drugs at Stanford

Wagner’s Story

Designer Medicine?

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that the U.S. market for personalized medicine already registered $232 billion.

Wagner’s Real-Life Counterpart

David E. Shaw

There’s an actual Jude Wagner.

While Jude Wagner is a fictional character working in computational biology to avenge the loss of his mother to cancer, there is a non-fiction person who has led a strikingly similar life, and that person is David Shaw. Unlike Wagner, Shaw made billions on Wall Street. But very much like Wagner, Shaw had close relatives who died from cancer and devoted his wealth and intellect to develop life-saving drugs.

“Shaw thought protein dynamics problems provided a good fit for his interests and his background in developing novel machine architectures. He had a personal interest as well: his mother, father and sister all died of cancer.” Mr. Shaw hoped that he could design a computational tool that would “someday be used to develop life-saving drugs.”

Wall Street Journal article:

Genomic Prediction is Here

23andMe is Sequencing Genomes

The medical revolution is not fiction

San Francisco FBI Pulls Me In

FBI Building450 Golden Gate, San Francisco, CA is a monolithic Federal office building. I work on Floor 13.

To protect the Stanford Grid, I join forces with the San Francisco FBI. They just want me studying electronic surveillance to safeguard the project.

But nothing is simple and we all have our own agendas. The boss thinks I’m a defiant son-of-a-bitch, he doesn’t want me looking into the deaths of my former colleagues and I sense jealousy for my relationship with Special Agent Nathalie Noiret who says I smell different from the other agents who eat and sleep ambition and nerves. Apparently, her fellow feds reek of Mennen deodorant and coffee while I smell of sweat and purpose.

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