“Alvin Ziegler’s GRIDLOCK is just what the Dr. ordered for any reader looking for a fast-paced thriller that features hard science and up-to-the-minute medical research. Give this a read! You won’t be sorry.”
—Seth Harwood, Author of JACK WAKES UP

“The gene-based medicine in GRIDLOCK is real and happening now. This tectonic shift in healthcare redefines how we predict and treat human disease.”

—Sunil Maulik, P.hD., GeneEd Co-Founder

“GRIDLOCK: A Scientific Thriller is a very stimulating and electrifying novel. I love how it ended and wouldn’t change a thing about it even if I could. Recommended to everyone who wants to read action thrillers and is interested in new breakthroughs in the medical field. Five Stars.” –READER’S FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS

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