“Alvin Ziegler’s GRIDLOCK is just what the Dr. ordered for any reader looking for a fast-paced thriller that features hard science and up-to-the-minute medical research. Give this a read! You won’t be sorry.”
—Seth Harwood, Author of JACK WAKES UP

“The gene-based medicine in GRIDLOCK is real and happening now. This tectonic shift in healthcare redefines how we predict and treat human disease.”

—Sunil Maulik, P.hD., GeneEd Co-Founder

“GRIDLOCK: A Scientific Thriller is a very stimulating and electrifying novel. I love how it ended and wouldn’t change a thing about it even if I could. Recommended to everyone who wants to read action thrillers and is interested in new breakthroughs in the medical field. Five Stars.” –READER’S FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS

Designer Medicine?

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that the U.S. market for personalized medicine already registered $232 billion.

Wagner’s Real-Life Counterpart

David E. Shaw

There’s an actual Jude Wagner.

While Jude Wagner is a fictional character working in computational biology to avenge the loss of his mother to cancer, there is a non-fiction person who has led a strikingly similar life, and that person is David Shaw. Unlike Wagner, Shaw made billions on Wall Street. But very much like Wagner, Shaw had close relatives who died from cancer and devoted his wealth and intellect to develop life-saving drugs.

“Shaw thought protein dynamics problems provided a good fit for his interests and his background in developing novel machine architectures. He had a personal interest as well: his mother, father and sister all died of cancer.” Mr. Shaw hoped that he could design a computational tool that would “someday be used to develop life-saving drugs.”

Wall Street Journal article:

Your Book of Life Sequenced for $100

IBM aims to surpass the goal of the $1000 sequenced genome, ultimately bringing the cost to as low as $100, making a personal genome cheaper than a ticket to a Broadway play.

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