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Jude Wagner should be on top of the world. He’s advancing custom-made drugs, genetically. The cause took hold of him when his mother died from breast cancer. But days before his Stanford team finalize a key partnership, two of his colleagues are found murdered. Could Wagner be next on the list?

Someone is trying to stop the modernization of medicine. Wagner wishes the nightly news didn’t advertise that he is the computer expert who is reviving the human genome project, a U.S. government dream that cost $2.7 billion. Reports say that Wagner’s computer code enables genetic diagnosis over the Internet.

Ignoring deadly warnings, Wagner chases suspects. He knows Big Pharma should not be selling one-size-fits all drugs when diseases like cancer are as individual as a fingerprint.

Plying his deductive reasoning, Wagner hunts through Silicon Valley, the FBI and even to one of the most rebellious religions on earth. It’s a sprint to defend the computer project from attack and save his twin sister from cancer, the same disease that took his mother’s life.

If he fails to protect the medical breakthrough at Stanford, not only will millions go on dying needlessly, but so will the person who is closest to him.


Stanford’s Department of Chemistry, where the Grid Project lives.

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Gridlock is published with Loma Vista Press.

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