Years of research

GRIDLOCK revolves around “police procedure.” For accuracy, I sought advice from FBI Gang Unit Chief, George Q. Fong, FBI-trained hostage negotiator, Robin Burcell, FBI Cyber Supervisor Jack Bennett-San Francisco Division, and author of Police Procedure and Investigation, Lee Lofland. For scientific research, I leaned on CERN Physicist, Simone Campana, SETI@home grid co-founder, Dan Werthimer and Illumina Sales Manager, Bridget Martin. For grid computer help, I depended on Apple Computer Engineer, Josh Bernstein.

GRIDLOCK also benefitted from friends: private security company officer and helicopter pilot, Captain Richard Threfall and many others.

Thanks also to scientists at Celera, the gene laboratory in Alameda, California which sequenced the human genome at a fraction of the cost of the U.S. government project.

Mysteries Uncovered in GRIDLOCK:
• How our children will live decades longer through genomics.
• How globally linked computers are interpreting the genome.
• How the science of genomics might profoundly disrupt society.

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