Who is Jude Wagner?


The most powerful players will stop at nothing to cut off Wagner.

A view from the Space Science Lab at Berkeley where the first volunteer grid was started to search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Jude Wagner lived a subdued existence in San Francisco before he was hurled into the limelight with his computer algorithm discovery. His brilliant computer code has ensnarled him in a race to save mankind’s greatest scientific discovery. When Wagner wasn’t wasting his nights in bars and roaming city streets, he reflected to opera with Maker’s Mark in hand—in those solitary hours he was haunted by his broken past.

But those solo evenings of brooding are gone. After Wagner’s computer breakthrough at Stanford, the Grid network is hacked. At once, Wagner finds himself collaborating with the FBI to prevent another attack when an intrudor breaks into his apartment. Days later, two of Wagner’s colleagues turn up dead. Wagner strives to find out who is behind the cowardly acts. The crisis tests if he has what it takes to keep his revolutionary healthcare project alive at Stanford and prevent another deadly strike.

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